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24x7 Booking

With VBookU, you will never miss the opportunity of attending to your customers as it allows them to book appointments round the clock. Owing to the flexibility of booking off-hours, your salon will see a lot more inflow of customers.


Systematically track all your appointments and update the schedule for the day. Allocate the appointments to your employees through VBookU to cut down on valuable time.

Payment Gateway

Facilitate secure channels of payment while also providing multiple payment processes like credit card, debit card, bank transfer.

Discounts and Coupons

Attract and retain your customers by easily creating discounts and coupons on multiple categories. Manage short term and audience-specific campaigns.

Products and Offers

List all your services and products on your website or app, thus allowing the customer to choose from a variety of categories. They can also avail different offers that will keep the customer coming back for more.

Vouchers and E-Codes

Collaborate with new partners and generate sales by enabling your customers to redeem the vouchers and E-codes. This maintains good affiliations between you and the partner as well as the customer.

User/Guest Reporting

Keep a record of the registered and new users, thus allowing you to present them with attractive discounts and also measuring the reach of your business in the market.

Employee Insights

Get a weekly or monthly report on the progress of your employees and efficiently allocate tasks amongst them. VBookU provides with a system that lets the employees link their work back to payroll.

Key Benefits


Billing and Invoice

Free yourself of the paperwork as VBookU provides customers with text and inbox bill. This lets you maintain a systematic record of all the invoices to properly measure the increase or decrease in sales.


Automatic appointment reminders

Due to a busy schedule, a salon appointment can slip out of the customers mind. Ensure such cases are avoided by sending them timely reminders through text or email.


Prevent double bookings

Thanks to the ability of VBookU to juggle between multiple tasks, you can stop worrying about accidental double bookings and start preparing for the optimal utilisation of your resources.


Make a great first impression

Your customers can easily comprehend your website or app. Owing to the well-organised interface of VBookU, you are bound to make a great first impression on your customers.


Cancelation and Refund

Quick and convenient, VBookU enables your customers to reschedule or cancel an appointment and you can process easy refunds.


Keeps tabs on your schedule

Pre-planning is the key to a smooth working organisation. With VBookU, you can log in from home or while travelling to view the work schedule for the next day.

Business Benefits

Boost sales

The availability of 24x7 online booking will boost the sales of your salon and increase the footfall effectively. Moreover, the software updates the schedule automatically, thus reducing your efforts.


Attract and retain customers by personalising your messages and emails while also rewarding them for their loyalty. You can also provide referral codes to existing users in order to expand your customer base.

Point of Sales

Efficiently designed, our point of sales system integrates across all devices. It handles all your transactions, with everything from scanners and card readers to receipt printers and cash drawers.


Achieve your business goals and measure your success by getting timely reports that help you allocate your resources and funds efficiently. Get a detailed analysis of your past sales, membership growth and much more.

Employee Logins

You can assign different tasks to your employees that they can view once they access their unique logins. The colour coded design organises the appointment schedule in an orderly manner.

Client Tools

The various client tools are beneficial to both the customer and you. With the click of a button, the customer can check into the salon on arrival, thus alerting the reception desk. Moreover, you can access the details of the client and send them personalised messages on special occasions.


Why Choose Us?

Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking and managing appointments by introducing the uber-efficient VBookU. Our user-friendly UI is easy to understand and lets you manage bookings with a few clicks. Our software allows you to access your business round the clock from the website or mobile app. Sign up now and easily handle your appointments online so you spend less time on papers and calls and more on your business.