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One platform providing Online Ticket Booking System, Amusement Park CRM System, POS System, Inventory Management System and Theme Park HRM System

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Flexible Bookings

Let your customers book tickets for your amusement park or activity zones at any hour and from any device available to them. VBookU provides a 24/7 online ticket booking system that helps increase footfall of the amusement park.

Third party integration

Add to the convenience of your customers by managing your bookings using VBookU that supports third party APIs. Your customer's data will be safe and readily available in your VBookU account.


VBookU generates reports with a single click and gives you an insight on the number of tickets sold online as well as offline. This will help you analyse your strategies and make changes if necessary.

Payment Options

Let customers make payments for bookings through trusted channels on our amusement park management system that offers a variety of modes of payment and promises a secure transaction every time.

Inventory Management

Manage your inbound and outbound inventory with VBookU allowing you to keep a track of food, merchandise, tickets and addons. You can also sell online through your website and add new products when you need.

Discounts and Coupons

Customers can hardly ever decline an attractive discount or coupon. VBookU provides you with an online ticket booking system that enables the customer to apply these discounts and redeem the benefits.

Vouchers and E-Codes

Affiliations with other businesses are beneficial for both the customer and you. Attract and retain customers as you let them leverage such benefits by applying the vouchers and E-codes during checkout.

User/Guest Reporting

Keep tabs on the number of new and registered users who book tickets through VBookU. This will assist you in measuring the extent of your reach in the market and in creating marketing campaigns accordingly.

Employee Insights

Manage everything from attendance to payroll of your employees by introducing VBookU. With the single click, you can pull out weekly, monthly or yearly reports with our amusement park management system.

Key Benefits


Billing and Invoice

Eliminate the need of tedious paperwork when you switch to VBookU. It automatically creates invoices and receipts and sends it to the customers as confirmation through our ticket booking software.


Cancelation and Refund

If your customers have change of plans, the user-friendly UI of our amusement park CRM system lets them cancel their tickets and get a refund on the bookings made.


Why Choose Us??

Providing an all-inclusive solution, VBookU is an amusement park management system that accelerates the operations by taking care of processes like Ticketing, Inventory Management and more. Get uninterrupted access to the insights of your business with our software. The user friendly UI insures that VBookU can easily be used by you, your employees as well as your customers.

Business Benefits

Increase Sales

Owing to the 24/7 online booking system and the user-friendly UI, you may see a hike in the sale of tickets. VBookU lets you sell your products through the software.


VBookU acts as an online ticket booking system as well as a CRM system for your amusement park. For special occasions, VBookU lets you personalise messages and emails. It also provides customers with referral codes and rewards them for their loyalty.


A happy customer is a loyal customer. Upsell and let them personalise their experience at your amusement park by availing the different services and products that you have to offer through VBookU.

Point of Sales

VBookU is an all-inclusive amusement park POS system that is compatible with all devices like mobile phones, desktops, card readers and more. VBookU takes care of almost all aspects of automation, giving you more time to focus on your business.


VBookU generates a number of downloadable reports that you need to understand the trend of your park. Analyse the details of your amusement park with the help of VBookU analytics.

Employee Logins

Link the work of your employees back to their unique logins provided by VBookU. This facilitates a smooth operation of your amusement park and allows you to assign different tasks to them.

Client Tools

VBookU acts an an excellent tool to maintain good relations with the customers. Using our software you can send personalised messages to them during special occasions and also present them with ongoing offers.


Automation reduces the margin of human error thus increasing accuracy. VBookU takes over all the major operations of your amusement park ticketing and booking so that you can relax and monitor at the same time.